How Branded Shareables
Can Increase Your Best Referrals by 81%

“60 percent of companies with a referral process experience faster close rates, 59 percent report higher customer lifetime value, and 71 percent report higher conversion from contact to customer.” – Entrepreneur

A healthy flow of referrals is your “nirvana” for consistent growth and higher profits. 

But sometimes it can feel a little awkward asking (often multiple times) for your past or current patients or clients to give you referrals. 

It requires intelligent effort on the front end, but social media is a proven strategy to proactively generate new referrals.

Strategically, referral marketing is the process of giving your patients or clients REASONS why and STUFF to share your brand in a positive manner. 

There is a proven principle when it comes to being proactive in generating more referrals: Routinely give your patients and/or clients reasons why and stuff to share with their friends and family. 

When you apply this proven principle through social media, your followers will help you market your practice and dental services for you. 

As you know, referrals are the most cost-effective form of marketing for any practice or small business. Social media is a proven launchpad for more referrals – but only if you conduct your strategy correctly.

How Social Media Increases Your Referrals

Here are some analyzed facts which demonstrate how social media influences more referrals for your practice or business: 

>>>> A Chicago University study found that non-monetary referral incentives were more effective than cash incentives by 24%

>>>>>29% of patients use social media to view other patients’ experience. (Source: Forbes)

>>>>>41% of patients said that social media content impacted their choice of their health provider. (Source: Forbes) 

>>>>> 44% of social media users look up information about doctors or other health professionals before scheduling a visit. (Source: Forbes) 

>>>>> 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals from family and friends. (Source: Annex Cloud) 

>>>>> 81% of U.S. consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts (Source: Market Force)

Fact: Social Influence equals many more referrals!

But there is a core problem which most brands never resolve….

The Core Problem (And Opportunity!) 

The core problem is that 99% of brands’ social media posts are BORING

So boring that they themselves are never inspired enough to use social media correctly or consistently. They see little or no results from posting, so why bother?

But once you possess premium, “eye-popping” content which is beautiful and inspiring, you’ll want to share your content with all your fans and followers through social media, email, and even texting. 

Social Media’s success occurs when practices consistently post inspiring content

So heartwarming that your content further inspires your patients to share your beautiful content to their friends and family on social media – FOR FREE!

And like I mentioned before: Social Influence equals many more referrals!

Attention Is Your Practice’s Digital Currency

In 2021, Attention is your brand’s “Digital Currency.”

The more your content attracts attention and admiration, the more you are increasing your Brand Equity and thus referrals

For content to build up Brand Equity and referrals it must be “Eye-Popping”. 

By definition, “Eye-Popping” means,

Visually astonishing, stunning, incredible, strikingly impressive

In other words…. It stands out, is impressive and memorable, worthy of liking, and so incredible that your patients become inspired to share it with their family friends. 

“Eye-Popping Content” is not only beautiful visually, but it is also inspiring to the heart and soul. 

We call such content Branded Shareables. 

Branded Shareables has one profitable purpose: To increase your brand’s Brand Equity and referrals through the consistent sharing of “Eye-Popping Content”. 

Imagine your content was so good that it favorably associated your brand with feelings of positivity, admiration, inspiration, happiness, joy, pride, confidence, beauty, family, community, and their nostalgic moments in their past. 

This is what we mean by “Eye-Popping Content”. It pops out not only visually, but also moves and inspires people mentally and emotionally. 

Moreover…. Imagine if this level of quality content was shared to your top social media channels – on autopilot – three times a day, seven days a week, at the most strategic times throughout each day. 

Simultaneously and continually, your “Eye-Popping Content” is posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Twitter at the right times, with the perfect and right amount of hashtags!

For instance, Facebook and Twitter should have no more than two hashtags. While LinkedIn can have up to eight; Instagram up to thirty.

We select the right hashtags which will be seen by followers, influencers, and potential new patients for your offering in your local areas. 

Our Branded Shareables system includes the following:

  • Positive Quotes from famous people, aesthetically designed, to promote what your practice’s purpose is all about – creating beautiful smiles on people’s faces!
  • All of these positive quotes have your brand’s branding on them, so people will always associate your practice with positivity, joy, happiness, and smiling. 
  • Posting these to all your social media profiles, simultaneously and automatically, at the times when people are on social media the most. This can be conducted 7 days a week. 
  • Offering the proper hashtags, in the proper amounts for each channel, so your content has even further reach and impact. 
  • Three hundred inspirational quotes will be shared in a scheduled rotation so that your social media pages always have a fresh look with content that inspires others to share to even more people. 

A social profile doesn’t equal a powerful public presence. Creating and building steady engagement with Branded Shareables across social media channels with your brand is no longer a should — it’s a MUST!



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