Best Referral Marketing Book


Referrals are your most-beloved blind spot.

But when your pervasive blinders are removed, referrals become a pivotal change for substantially growing your business.

Absolutely, every business person loves referrals, and for all the obvious reasons. Yet, few can tell you how they could or would obtain more referrals at will, because turning on the “referral switch” is something most professionals in business do not understand how to do.


With your mindset changed from “I love getting referrals” to “I have referral policies and processes in place to generate profitable levels of referrals on a consistent basis,” a substantial change will occur to your growth and profitability.

This important observation can lead to transformational growth for your brand.

“Most marketers and salespeople know—at least implicitly—that referrals are highly effective. They may not know that referrals drive some of the highest conversion rates among all marketing channels, but they know that getting them is important. Unfortunately, most don’t know the right way to go about getting those valuable referrals.” – Forbes

The more you effectively promote your brand to your existing clients and social followers who drive interest and traffic to your website and branded content, the more referrals and sales result.

Existing clients and contacts, when excited and engaged, will introduce you to your next round of “Dream Clients.”

Referology shows you have to dramatically increase your referrals!

Best Referral Marketing Book


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