Core Principles

One: The money is in the list. Grow your list and followers as the core for all your marketing endeavors. 

Two: The size of your list and followers directly influences the size of your revenue. Of course, it should be built with those who are interested in your message, products, services, and/or content. 

Three: Within your list and followers are influencers. Become creative and energetic in how to directly partner with and influence your influencers.

Four: The fortune is in the follow-up. Omnipresence is a key element in how you follow up with customers, sales leads, followers, and visitors. 

Five: Good service is no longer acceptable. Your service must render remarkable experiences. Remarkable experiences turn into positive, online reviews and robust referrals. 

Six: Impactful communication is a Super Power. Become an Articulate Beast.  

Seven: Content is King. Distribution is Queen. Engagement is the Throne. Stories are a powerful tool. The story that’s behind the products you sell is much more valuable to your customers than the actual price. 

Eight: Content Marketing is the new PR. You must become your own media agency to attract the attention you desire. 

Nine: Joint Ventures and co-branding are your force multipliers. Forming powerful alliances in this way can reduce the time and resources required to build your business and financial empire. 

Ten: Frequency and consistency are omnipotent.  Where there is discipline and consistency in branding, marketing, advertising, and public relations, there is growth. 

Bonus Core Principle

Bonus: Finance Your Growth First. Establish your “10X Expansion Fund”. Invest 10% of your net profits into your future growth for the purpose of creating additional opportunities, increasing exposure, and generating more sales leads. According to self-made millionaire David Bach, getting rich boils down to paying yourself first.



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